Stay With Me Guitar Tutorial (3 Chord Song on Guitar) Sam Smith

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Stay With Me Guitar Tutorial

Welcome to my Stay With Me Guitar Tutorial by Sam Smith. This easy 3 chord song is great for beginners!

Stay With Me Chords:

The lesson starts with chord shapes: Am, F, C, G — [WAIT! I THOUGHT YOU SAID THIS WAS A 3-CHORD WONDER!!]

Okay, okay.. yeah, there’s 4 chords… BUT you only play the G chord like 2x in the whole song. You could just stick with the first 3 chords and it works. With that said, yes, I show you exactly where we play the G chord and an easy way to remember when it’s coming. We also go over some chord switching strategies that will teach you how to effectively switch between Am, F and C.

After that, we practice going through the chords, in order, using downstrokes only. And then we learn the strumming pattern. I divide it into 2 parts for those of you that need extra help with the rhythm before moving on to a playalong, where we play the song a bit slower than the recording.

After this, we put on 1 finishing touch: we add a “push” to the rhythm and play the C chord a bit earlier. This is what will make the difference if you want it to sound just like the song… otherwise it’s just 3 (4!) chords and a strumming pattern.

I hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you next time!