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New to Guitar? Don’t know where to begin?

Learn guitar, once and for all, in just 15 minutes a day!

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Master the basics and develop a solid foundation – at your own pace.

Just put a guitar in your lap and press play! As you progress through this interactive beginner’s guitar course, you’ll learn some of the easiest chord progressions on guitar, basic stuff that’ll help you understand the fretboard better, how to develop your rhythm, and all the other things that guitar players NEED to know.

  • Learn to strum chords with confidence
  • Learn to count along with music
  • Switch chords quickly and accurately
  • Learn all 10 of the basic chord shapes
  • Learn to strum with steady rhythm
  • Helpful advice for purchasing your first guitar

This course is, to be honest, so much better than I expected it to be. They tried to teach us guitar in elementary school and I was absolutely hopeless at it (as I have been with all other instruments), so I didn’t expect to have much luck with this either. That’s not to say I’m any good now, but the lessons are clear and start you off as slow as possible, and it’s made me feel like i’m actually learning something and having fun doing it. – Megan

A great course for those that want to reinforce and build on simple chord progression and strumming. – Paul James

I thought the instruction was very clear and methodical. I liked the detail covered in each section and it wasn’t long and boring. At my age, it was easy to retain the information provided. – Charmeine

Outstanding quality and value. The audio and video is so good, easy to follow, graphic and in just enough depth to not intimidate me as a student yet lifts the bar just enough to make me try harder. There is a saying, “you get what you pay for.” Well James, my view is that in your course I am getting ”much more than I paid for.” – Terry

I thought it was late to learn an instrument because I was very “old”; however, I accepted the challenge from James because it looked interesting and possible. Currently, I have no doubt that it was the best decision. James’s course is clear and easy to use; in addition, he makes it fun. He does not forget any detail and information for beginners. In each chapter I felt that I learned something new. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn guitar from zero. James is an amazing online teacher. – Javiera

I am a middle aged woman. I wanted a way to relax and have always wanted to learn an instrument. When I stumbled across The Good Guitarist. This tutorial was very easy to follow and it was only up to me how fast or slow I wanted to learn. With encouragement emails to keep me on track I am so grateful to James for having such a great product. – Genelle

I last touched a guitar about 50 years ago! I explored many many options on the Internet. Once I stumbled on some of James you tube offerings I explored more and found the Good Guitarist. My ability ramped up fast. Without this course I’m not sure where I’d be. Thank you James – Rick

This is a good course for beginners… I’ve been learning guitar seriously for about eight months now (mostly from random Videos on YouTube) struggling and doing the best I can. There have been other teachers who helped me much. The main reason I signed up for this course was to close some of the gaps in my knowledge (as a beginning guitatist). Very good course… for “absolute beginners” and for someone like myself…. – Blues Man

I began this course not knowing how to change chords smoothly. In the end, i am confidently changing chords without unnecessary pauses. – Tony from Brooklyn

This learning guitar course is by far an easy one to follow and learn and very effective….You do learn unless you don’t study and practice….
Having James explain every exercise \ segment and doing them with you and then putting you to practice it is one….the other is having the chord progression scrolling along the chords as we learn is brilliant and very much needed! Thank you, James…. – Texas Musician

This course is a step-by-step plan that goes over it all, from A-to-Z, not missing a single thing. I go into huge detail and make sure you understand (and have a chance to properly practice) everything before moving on.

interactive beginner guitar course

Over 6 hours of interactive video content, broken down into bite-sized 5 minute lessons!

guitar playalongs

Plus over 12 hours of downloadable audio play-alongs so you can practice with me!


To learn the basics, the average student spends about $1,000 on 6 months of guitar lessons.
At $99.99, this course is like having a personal guitar teacher for a fraction of the cost.

$99.99 – one time fee, lifetime access

Take the first step towards finally being able to play guitar.

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Let me walk you through the entire process, from start to finish

About The Instructor (James)

I first picked up a guitar at age 17. I was at a friend’s house. He showed me how to play the riff from “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and I was immediately hooked. Several thousand hours of practice, performance and one music degree later, I found myself wondering “what next?”

I taught at music schools for a while, but teaching “out of the book” wasn’t for me. I was determined to make my home practice work. That’s when I had the idea to make a YouTube channel to help promote my lessons.

“I teach guitar because I love seeing that moment where something suddenly “clicks” in my students’ heads and they suddenly “get it.” I designed this course to do exactly that – helping you get to the heart of what it means to learn and play guitar.”

handsomest guitar teacher

It was challenging at first – I was writing, filming and editing everything by myself (still do!). It took a (long) couple of weeks to film and edit my first tutorial. But it was all worth it because after it went up, I could tell there was something special happening.

Guitar students began writing to me from all over the world. On top of that, my home teaching studio was thriving. The more I taught, online and in person, the more I learned about teaching all types of learners. This helped me create the easiest-to-follow lessons on the web and has fueled my desire to make my channel bigger and better. It continues to grow today, faster than ever, with millions of views and counting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase the course, it’s yours. You can access it anytime, as many times as you’d like, and take as long as you want to complete it.

You’ll find detailed instructions on how to purchase my course and redeem any coupon codes here:

That all depends on how much time you spend practicing every day. If you practice 15-30 minutes each day, you can expect to complete this course within 12 weeks.

This course is designed for absolute beginners. So yeah, if you can already play the basic chords and strum no problem, great!

BUT… if you find that your strumming is shaky, or your chord changes are slow, then this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I help you with in this course. Most courses (and even some teachers) go through the first steps so quickly that a lot of people are left behind. In this course, we go into such extreme depth on even the simplest topics. We focus on the most important aspects of playing guitar and ignore all the “fluff.”

As a private instructor myself, I understand how valuable a personalized 1-on-1 lesson can be. I also have realized that 99% of the progress is made in the practice room – I can only show my students so much before they need to go try it themselves and come to their own conclusions.

This course is designed to guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. It’s not just a lecture, I actually show you how to practice and get better. So whether or not you’re taking lessons, this course will get you playing guitar.

With all that said, if I were to learn guitar all over again, I’d probably do a combination of both. The course gives you a huge amount of stuff to work on, and combined with a lesson every 2-3 months, you’d be getting feedback on your progress, etc. So it’s the best of both worlds (and still a lot cheaper than taking lessons every week, especially when you account for travel time, gas, etc.)

Not really. This course goes over the standard stuff that you’ll find on the net: chord diagrams and chord charts.

This isn’t “memorize the shapes, memorize the patterns.”

You will learn how to be a guitarist, not just someone who owns a guitar.

When I was first learning guitar, there were times when I felt overwhelmed – I wish I had something to guide me. It took me longer than I wanted it to… I did it the hard way. But through that process, I learned a lot, and I want to share that with you.

My course helps aspiring guitarists get started, learning essential skills so they can play their favorite songs and more!

I wish I had something this comprehensive and easily accessible when I was starting, and I’m very proud to be able to share that experience with all of you.


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