Capo Review – “Shubb” Brand Capo

Hey everyone! Today I want to share my thoughts on the Shubb capo.

This was one of the first accessories I bought for guitar (when I realized you needed one to play the intro to Hotel California like the recording) and I’ve had the same one for about 16 years. As a result, I obviously have favorable things to say about it.

Don’t know what a capo is, or why you might need one? Learn everything you need to know about Capos here!

Shubb Capo


  • Adjustable tension doesn’t de-tune your guitar as much
  • Very sturdy (can last a LONG time)


  • Price is a bit higher
  • Takes longer to put on/take off

Price: ~$20 USD

I have setup an amazon affiliate page, so if you buy one using this link, a small portion of the sale goes to help support the GoodGuitarist YouTube Channel: USA / Canada

I hope you enjoy the review, and I’ll see you soon with another song tutorial!

All the best!

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