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Hey everyone! Today I have a very interesting lesson for you all – I’m going to show you how to play “Stay” by Post Malone. This acoustic ballad utilizes some jazzy chords and is a great one for getting into some more intermediate chord shapes and strumming.

The lesson begins by going over the chord shapes needed for the verse: Fmaj7, Cmaj7, Am7, Gm6, Fm (a lot of them are easier than you think!)

I show you some tricks for making them a little bit easier, especially that G minor 6, which isn’t super common in pop songs.

Once we’ve worked out the switches, and made the chords a little easier for ourselves, we can take a look at the strumming pattern. It’s a bit longer but it’s not too difficult if you break it down and count it out.

We briefly go over the “system” for how strumming works, and use that to make sense of the strumming pattern. A little bit of thinking makes the process MUCH easier!

Before putting the strumming and chords together, we need to learn that little lick played over Gm6 and a couple other things that will make this sound like the original recording.

At this point all that’s left is to learn the rest of the song (which is just the chorus). It’s a bit easier than the verse still has an interesting riff that we can play over the F minor chord, but that’s optional.

I hope you enjoy this lesson!

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