“Fire On The Mountain” Easy 2-Chord Guitar Song – Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain

Fire On The Mountain Chords:

    Welcome to my “Fire On The Mountain” Guitar Lesson + Tutorial, by Grateful Dead. This easy 2-chord song is perfect for beginners and will help you learn the basics and put them to use, learning a song right away! Learn how to play it, how to count the beat and build your rhythm, and how to memorize/learn the entire song!

    “Fire On The Mountain” CHORDS: G, A

    “Fire On The Mountain” STRUMMING PATTERN: D R D Du

    “Fire On The Mountain” FULL SONG PLAY-THROUGH (play along with me, from start-to-finish) available on my Patreon page

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    “Fire On The Mountain” TABLE OF CONTENTS

    • 0:00 – INTRO
    • 1:02 – Why This Is The EASIEST SONG ON GUITAR
    • 8:00 – VERSE PLAY-ALONG
    • 9:00 – PRACTICE TIPS
    • 9:40 – SONG FORM
    • 11:47 – RESOURCES

    This is one of the easiest songs on guitar because it’s just two chords, and the switch happens regularly at a predictable rate. Also, there is a guide finger that you can use to pivot off of that makes the switch incredibly easy.

    The chord shapes are G and A, and we’re going to use our ring finger as a guide finger, moving it back and forth as we switch shapes. We practice the switch, isolating it so we can build up the muscle memory and then we add a strumming pattern. This all uses a very simple strumming pattern that is easy to feel.

    We put the chords and strumming together and play through the song, we discuss the original recording and all of the different sections of it. They all use the same shapes but it’s still a good idea to be aware of the difference between the verse and chorus of the song.

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