“Just The Two of Us” Easy Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – Bill Withers

Just The Two Of Us Chords:

    Welcome to my “Just The Two of Us” Guitar Lesson + Tutorial, by Bill Withers & Grover Washington Jr. This easy acoustic version uses 5 basic chord shapes, and the same chord progression over and over. This is an excellent way to practice chord switching while having fun with this groovy strumming pattern.

    “Just The Two of Us” FULL SONG PLAY-THROUGH (play along with me, from start-to-finish) available on my Patreon page

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    “Just The Two of Us” CHORDS: C, B7, Em, Dm, G

    “Just The Two of Us” STRUMMING PATTERN: D–uX—

    TAB can be found in the video lesson, scrolling along at the top of the screen.

    “Just The Two of Us” TABLE OF CONTENTS

    • 0:00 – INTRO
    • 6:26 – VERSE PLAY-ALONG
    • 7:08 – THE BRIDGE
    • 9:34 – BRIDGE PLAY-ALONG
    • 10:16 – SONG FORM
    • 11:31 – RESOURCES

    The lesson begins with the chords needed: C, B7, Em, Dm, G. This song has a single chord progression the entire time – it’s very repetitive and it will be awesome for building up your muscle memory with these basic chord shapes!

    We work out the switching and then add the strumming pattern. This one uses a really cool strumming pattern that has some muted strokes. Muting access strings is essential when doing this. So we work out all the technique and make it feel good. We want it to be comfortable!

    After playing through the verse with our chord progression and strumming pattern, we learn the bridge which uses one chord shape and has some chord shots. It’s really cool, really fun, and great for people in the late beginner phases of guitar. Finally, we discuss how to put the entire song together.

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