Riptide Guitar Tutorial – Vance Joy

Vance Joy - Riptide

Riptide Chords:

    Riptide Guitar Tutorial – Vance Joy

    Welcome to my “Riptide” Easy Guitar Tutorial + Lesson. This easy 3 chord song is great for beginners on guitar. The bridge contains 1 extra shape, but we will show you an easy way to play it. Aside from that, it’s very simple, just 3 shapes and a basic strumming pattern with simple chord transitions and a catchy tune!

    We we start with the chords for the Verse and Chorus (Am, G and C, repeating over and over.. quite simple, really!). And then we show you how to differentiate between each of the sections by changing the strumming pattern ever-so-slightly.

    Riptide Chords: Am | C | G