State of Grace Guitar Tutorial – Taylor Swift


    State of Grace Guitar Tutorial – Taylor Swift

    Hey everyone! In this lesson, I’m going to show you a SUPER easy way to play “State of Grace” by Taylor Swift. This easy 2-chord song is perfect for beginners. And this lesson is designed for people who are just getting started and want some real songs that they can play right away! Normally this song has barre chords and some other advanced things – I’ve reduced it down and simplified it so it still sounds a LOT like the song, but is MUCH more approachable for beginners.

    The lesson starts with the chord shapes: E and Asus2. These are the first 2 chords that I teach all my students because there’s just 1 step involved when switching between them. We spend some time going over the shapes and then practice switching between them using downstrokes only (let’s not worry about rhythm yet…)

    State of Grace Chords: E | Asus2

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