‘Wonderwall’ Guitar Tutorial – Oasis


    ‘Wonderwall’ Guitar Tutorial – Oasis

    Welcome to my “Wonderwall” Guitar Lesson + Tutorial, by Oasis. This easy acoustic 90s guitar song could be the very first song you ever learn on guitar! It uses a trick where you leave 2 fingers down, playing the easiest chord progression on guitar. Each section repeats over and over, which makes it one of the easiest guitar songs. This is the simplest way to learn it, and even a total beginner will get the help they need, through unique visuals and counting tricks. Enjoy!

    ‘Wonderwall’ Chords: Em7 | G | Dsus4 | A7sus4 | Cadd9 | D/F#

    Go from ABSOLUTE Beginner to CONFIDENT Strummer – chord switching, rhythm & more! Fun and easy step-by-step video course!

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