Capo Review – “Thalia” Brand Capo

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Thalia Capo. The folks there were kind enough to send me one to check out and after using it for several months I'm ready to share my thoughts. Interested in getting one of your own? Use this link and help support [...]

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How Guitar Has Changed My Life

Today I wanted to talk about some of the reasons why I think playing guitar is the most amazing thing that anyone can do. It has literally changed my life and given me purpose like I never had before.Prior to learning guitar, I was a little chubby kid who did just enough to get [...]

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When Will You Start Seeing Results?

Hey everyone! Today I have another story for you. A while back, I had a student come in for their first lesson. They were wondering why, even though they played the right stuff, in the right order, it never actually sounded like the song they were trying to play.I asked them to show me [...]

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3 Tips For Improving Guitar Posture

If you are having trouble reaching notes (especially on the low string) it's not because your fingers are too small! It's probably because you're not holding the guitar properly. Other problems include wrist and back pain as well as a general lag when changing chord shapes. Most of us don't think of joint [...]

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