Do You Love Me – The Contours

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Hey everyone! Today I have a classic oldie for you all. “Do You Love Me” by The Contours. This one is very intermediate, as it uses barre chords (including what I believe is the toughest one to play of all) and it has some rhythm shots (so it’s more than just a pattern + chords).

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1:18 – Chords + Switching
2:42 – Add Some Strumming
5:18 – More Chord Changes
10:18 – Mapping It Out (Chord Chart)
11:28 – Putting It All Together

The lesson begins with the chord shapes needed for the main part: F, Bb and C. We go over the switching, and then add a strumming pattern to this 3-chord progression, as it constitutes the majority of this tune.

Once we’ve gotten the “main rhythm” part out of the way, it’s time to learn the rest of the song! We learn Bbm and C7, and then add them to our main bit to get the entire chorus.

Following that, we learn the rest of the sections. There aren’t any new chord shapes, just some rhythm stuff that we need to address. You’ll notice I don’t say “verse” “chorus” etc… this song predates that type of form. For example, what someone would call a pre-chorus, someone else could call the 2nd half of the verse. So we just go by the words they use. We learn the “work work” section and the “tell me” section.

Then, since we have all these components, I show you how it all glues together and draw out a TAB from scratch for the tune. I encourage you to write it down yourself as this is the actual stuff that real musicians do when they need to learn songs for gigs. I want you to be self-sufficient and this is the first step!

Finally, we put all the stuff together and play-along through the song.

Hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you next time!