Stand By Me Chord Melody Guitar Tutorial

Ben E King - Stand By Me Chord Melody

Stand By Me Chord Melody Guitar Tutorial

Welcome to my Stand By Me CHORD MELODY Guitar Tutorial! Learn how to play the famous bassline from “Stand by Me” and combine it with the chords and strumming to get a really “full” sounding rhythm part.

Stand By Me Chords:

stand by me chords

The lesson begins with a demonstration of the finished product. Then we break it down, slowly, going over each bit.

It’s a good idea to try going through the whole thing, working out the motions, and then going back and seeing which parts could use the most work. Figuring this one out is actually pretty simple, but getting it under your fingers is another thing. I recommend taking your time and repeating the toughest parts over and over, until they become second nature – that’s the best way to improve!

If you want an easier way to play this song, check out my Stand By Me Guitar Tutorial, using 4 easy chord shapes here.

I hope you enjoy this lesson and I’ll see you soon!


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