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Today I wanted to talk about some of the reasons why I think playing guitar is the most amazing thing that anyone can do. It has literally changed my life and given me purpose like I never had before.

Prior to learning guitar, I was a little chubby kid who did just enough to get by. Playing video games every day, all day, and not really giving myself much of a chance for future growth.

It hit a breaking point, and I started changing things. But even after losing a bunch of weight, I was still the same on the inside. Through desperation, I was compelled to do something to improve myself, and I don’t know why, but guitar ended up being my saviour.

I know there are people out there, just like 17-year-old me, who would benefit from this in ways they couldn’t even imagine. That’s why I’m here now, to help those people and show them that learning guitar isn’t that tough, and the payoff is INCREDIBLE.

All the best!


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