Your Very First, Beginner Guitar Lesson

This lesson was made with the absolute beginner in mind. If you just bought your guitar, or you are borrowing one to see if you like it, then this is the perfect lesson for you!

We go over the two easiest chords (that sound pretty darn cool) and practice switching between them by playing the “chord switching game.” It’s a great way to get started as we go over some really important basic concepts, like counting along the strings and frets to know exactly where to place your fingers, as well as playing along with a simple beat and knowing exactly when to switch chords.

Whether you have an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, this lesson will help you understand the most fundamental parts of playing guitar and is a great starting point no matter which direction you’d like to head in.

Once you’ve completed this lesson, I recommend downloading our eBook from here. It’ll help you with the next steps, such as learning more chords, practicing chord switching, strumming and learning useful chord progressions.

Here are the chord shapes used:

e minor chord guitar emasus2 chord - a very easy chord for beginners

Near the end of the video, we add a couple fingers to make these 2 shapes:

this 90s style version of em is found in oasis and green day songs among othersthis a7sus4 chord is found in 90s style music

Try these extended play-along’s and get the most out of this lesson

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