First Guitar Lesson for Absolute Beginners!

Your Very First Guitar Lesson for Absolute Beginners

This beginner guitar lesson was made with the absolute beginner in mind. This is the ONLY first guitar lesson for absolute beginners that you will ever need!

We go over two beginner guitar chords (that sound pretty darn cool) and practice switching between them by playing the “chord switching game.” It’s a great way to get started as we go over some really important basic concepts: counting along the strings and frets to know exactly where to place your fingers, as well as playing along with a simple beat and knowing exactly when to switch chords.

Whether you have an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, this free guitar lesson for beginners will help you understand the most fundamental parts of playing guitar and is a great starting point no matter which direction you’d like to head in.

Once you’ve completed this lesson, I recommend downloading our eBook from here. It’ll help you with the next steps, such as learning the 10 basic guitar chords, making fast clean switches, strumming & rhythm and common chord progressions.

These are the 2 easiest beginner guitar chords:

easy guitar chords - emeasy guitar chords - asus2

Near the end of the video, we add a couple fingers to make these other easy guitar chords for beginners:

easy guitar chords - em7easy guitar chords - a7sus4

Develop the fundamental skills needed to play guitar with confidence. Hands-on learning, presented in a clear and concise manner. Learn the basics using real songs, strum with a steady rhythm, master the basic chord shapes, learn to count along to music and more!

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Learning beginner guitar songs is the best way to stay motivated and keep practicing! Here’s a list of easy guitar songs, and the beginner guitar chords used by each.

It includes video tutorials for songs like:

Try these extended play-along’s and get the most out of this lesson