Bad Moon Rising Guitar Tutorial (3 Chord Song on Guitar) CCR

CCR - Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising Guitar Tutorial – Easy 3 Chord Song With Easy + Intermediate Strumming

Welcome to my Bad Moon Rising Guitar Tutorial, by CCR. This easy acoustic 3 chord song on guitar will teach you the basic chord shapes, an easy strumming pattern PLUS an intermediate strumming pattern. This lesson uses D G A and a basic country strumming pattern, but the chord changes happen DURING the pattern. This is the simplest way to learn it, and even a total beginner will get the help they need, through unique visuals and counting tricks. Enjoy!

“Bad Moon Rising” CHORDS: D, G, A

“Bad Moon Rising” STRUMMING PATTERN: D D D D or D D -uD d D d D

“Bad Moon Rising” FULL SONG PLAY-THROUGH (play along with me, from start-to-finish) available on my Patreon page

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  • 0:00 – INTRO
  • 7:55 – THE CHORUS
  • 9:31 – SONG FORM
  • 10:32 – TIPS + RESOURCES

The lesson begins with the chord shapes: D G A. This is an easy three chord song on guitar and the switches are all very easy, because we can use a chord switching trick to make them accurate and smooth.

Once we become acquainted with the shapes, we practice the entire chord progression and then we take a look at the strumming pattern. This song uses a strumming pattern that covers all the chord shapes within one pattern.

It’s a really useful technique and sometimes even a beginner can get this but if you need help with rhythm, this is one of those things that will get you past that point. Once we are familiar with the chords and the strumming we can put those together and play through the verse.

The only part left is the chorus and it’s quite similar to the verse we already learned. We just need to make a few adjustments and we can play it with ease.

This song only has two sections: a verse and a chorus. We discuss how to assemble the entire song, including where the guitar solo happens and that’s it!

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