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Hey everyone!

In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to play “Mean” by Taylor Swift. This song is great if you are already pretty good at the basic chords but want to start getting into barre chords but it’s also totally approachable for beginners.

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What makes this song unique is the chord shape used during the verse; it’s basically a power chord but with open strings added. (The power chord is one of the first things that I learned myself and the fact that we can just take that one shape and move it around the fretboard really helps out, letting us focus on the other aspects of the song such as the rhythm and order of all the parts).

The chord shapes used in the verse: C#m, Bsus, Asus2. We spend a moment working out the movement (sliding them along the fretboard), before moving onto the rhythm.

The strumming pattern is: D r D Du. We break it down, and then practice it with the chord shapes.

Once we put the verse together it’s time to take a look at the pre-chorus, which requires a new chord shape: E. It’s pretty much the same thing – we put it together with the strumming pattern and that’s that.

Next we take a look at the chorus which, once again, there’s nothing new it’s just a different order and there’s a couple parts where we have to do some counting.

Following that, we learn the bridge, which is a bit trickier as far as counting and keeping track of how long to play each chord for, so I take an extra minute to work through all of that. At the end of lesson we talk about putting the entire song together.

I hope you enjoy the lesson – see ya soon!

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