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Hey everyone! In this lesson we’re going to learn “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver. This is one of the most classic strummers – I’m pretty sure everybody’s Grandma who knows four chords can play this one! – so I figured it was time to show you all how it’s done!

We’re going to learn how to strum it using some easy chord shapes and we’re also going to learn how to fingerpick it. It’s pretty simple either way but if you need help with that…

If you’re just getting started you might need some extra help. I have 3 resources for that:

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3) And there’s my eBook (which is free for all subscribers!)

You can use it to help you build a solid foundation: chords, switching, progressions, riffs, techniques… everything it takes to be a “good guitarist.” You can find it here: https://goodguitarist.com/learn-rhythm-guitar/

The lesson begins with some simple chord shapes: G, E minor, C, D. I show you some tips for switching between them efficiently and quickly and then we practice strumming through them in order – counting along to make sure we play each chord for the right amount of time.

Next, I show you a strumming pattern. It’s the most common strumming pattern ever! We break it down and then practice playing the chords and strumming together.

After that, I show you a simple finger picking pattern and we practice that with the chords as well.

Finally, I show you how to play all the other parts of the song: the chorus and bridge. We go through them bit by bit, just like with the other parts, and we practice them together nice and slow.

At the very end of this tutorial, we discuss how to assemble the song – how to put all these parts together – and that’s it I hope you enjoy this classic tune and I’ll see you soon!


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