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Hey everyone! In today’s lesson I’m going to show you how to play “What About Us” by Pink. Usually, this is an easy 3 chord song so I decided to spice it up and came up with a chord melody that you can do during the verse which will definitely put your finger picking to the test!

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The lesson begins with the chord shapes: Em, C, G. From there we jump right in to the chord melody that we can use for the intro/verses (all the quiet parts). The biggest issue with this chord melody isn’t in the pattern or the notes. What makes this one tricky is the counting (so that we can get all the right notes on the right beats and make everything sound rhythmic and “right”).

After practicing the chord melody together a few times we take a look at a strumming pattern that you can use for all of the more upbeat parts of the song.

The strumming pattern is a bit longer, so take your time and, once again, count it out! I would strum the chords for the more upbeat parts, and use the chord-melody on the quieter parts… but if you’re still working your way up, you can use the strumming and chords through the whole thing.

We finish the lesson by playing through it together and then I talk a little bit about how to go between the chord melody and the strumming pattern. Transitions are important!

I hope you enjoy the lesson! See you next time!

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