Hey everyone!

This week we have a “classic” Coldplay tune for you all: “Yellow,” from their 2000 album, “Parachutes.”

This is a fairly simple song as long as you do 1 very important thing. You need to tune your high E string down to the note Eb (or D#). By doing this we can play “pseudo” barre chords (they don’t actually require you to barre) and just drag around the same shape as you strum. This one can be super easy if you approach it the right way.

First we show you the chords, which are all based around the E major shape. If you can play an E chord, you should be fine with this one! After that we go over a simple strumming pattern (that only uses downstrokes) and show you how to accent certain beats in order to make it really groove.

Then we put the whole thing together and that’s pretty much it!


Yellow Chords:



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