I’m Yours Guitar Tutorial (Rhythm & Lead) Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

I’m Yours Guitar Tutorial

Welcome to my I’m Yours Guitar Tutorial by Jason Mraz, which uses one of the easiest 4-chord progressions on guitar.

As you’ll see in the first clip, we’re going to go over both the acoustic rhythm part and an easy lead guitar part. The ultimate “I’m Yours” Easy Guitar Lesson!

Starting with the rhythm, most of the song uses a 4-chord progression, consisting of some simple chords (G, Em, C, D). We go over some tips on chord switching and practice the chord order together before moving on to the strumming pattern. Once again, it’s pretty simple, and if you want to take it a step further we give a quick tutorial on palm muting so you can make it sound exactly like the original recording.

Finally, we go over the lead part, which uses “double-stops” (playing 2 notes at once). The toughest part is sliding 2 notes with 1 finger, but we give you some tips on getting a good grip. This might be something that you need to practice a few times before it sounds smooth, but it will come together, I promise!

I had fun with this one, and I hope you enjoy practicing along! ‘Til next time!


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