Riptide Guitar Tutorial (4 Chord Song on Guitar) Vance Joy

Vance Joy - Riptide

Riptide Guitar Tutorial – Vance Joy

Welcome to my “Riptide” Guitar Tutorial + Lesson. This 4 chord song on guitar is great for beginners. It’s mostly a 3 chord song but the bridge contains the easy way to play the F chord. Aside from that, it’s very simple!

Riptide Chords:

riptide guitar chords

Riptide Strumming Pattern:

riptide guitar tutorial and strumming pattern

The Riptide Chord Chart and Sheet Music is no longer available due to copyright issues, but I have something even better!

“Riptide” Backing Track / Full Song Play-Through. Play the entire song with me, from start to finish!

Click here

By the way, if you want to F barre chord instead of the easy way to play F, check out our 3-part series on barre chords!

This Riptide Guitar Tutorial starts with the chords for the Verse and Chorus (Am, G and C, repeating over and over.. quite simple, really!). And then we show you how to differentiate between each of the sections by changing the strumming pattern ever-so-slightly.

Afterwards, we show you the F barre chord, and a simpler way to play it if you’re not so keen on the barre. That allows us to play the bridge.

Finally, we go over the simple lead guitar part that is played 4x right before the bridge so you can put it all together 🙂

I hope you enjoy the lesson and good luck!