Learn How To Play “Bloodbuzz Ohio” by The National

In this lesson we show you how to play “Bloodbuzz Ohio” by The National. First of all, watch the music video and check out those dance moves near the end. Done? OK.. now you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about playing this tune for your friends 😛

All joking aside, this is an excellent song for beginners as it requires just 3 simple chords to play. And on top of that, you only need to go between 2 chords, back-and-forth, for most of the song. If you’re able to do barre chords, I recommend playing this song without a capo: simply play A, D and F#m instead of G, C and Em.

The strumming is the challenging part in this tune so we’ve included an extra pattern in case the actual one is too tough. It contains this thing called a “hemiola” which is basically a 3-beat feel overtop of a 4-beat feel. I don’t want to make this sound super intimidating – you could probably just play it without knowing all the crazy theory stuff, but for those interested you basically have to subdivide the regular beat into 4, then accent every 3rd beat. Either way, we also included a straight-forward strumming pattern so you can rip this tune regardless of your skill level.

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Bloodbuzz Ohio Chords:

g chord guitar e minor chord guitar em c chord guitar

Bloodbuzz Ohio Strumming Pattern:

bloodbuzz ohio strumming pattern

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