Hey everyone!

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you all how to play “Last Christmas” by Wham! (George Michael) and there’s also a Taylor Swift version that you can play like this as well (by placing the capo on a higher fret). This is a really easy “4 chord wonder” meaning it’s the same 4 chords over and over.

Throughout the lesson, I mention our eBook (which is free to all our subscribers). It’ll help you with all the basics (including every chord in this song). You can find it here: https://goodguitarist.com/learn-rhythm-guitar/

We start off by showing you the chords we need for the tune: C, Am, Dm, G. Then we spend some time looking at how to effectively switch between each chord. By doing this, we are ensuring that we’ll be able to make nice clean chord switches.

After that we take a look at a strumming pattern we can use to get through the entire tune and then play the song together. It’s really that simple!

Afterwards, we show you how to play the intro (by changing 1 note in each chord shape). This step is optional but will really make it sound a lot more like the original recording.

This is a simple tune, so be sure to take advantage of it, as it will help you get your chord switches clean and perfect!

Merry Christmas!

Last Christmas Chords:

c chord guitara minor chord guitar am  d minor chord guitar dm g chord guitar

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